…..::::: Have You Found Your SwaG ? :::::…..


…::: On JazzE :::…

Facial Hair:[Jaryth’s Barber Shop]- 3D Prim Chin Strap / Black

Hair:[CheerNo]- Hair Lucian / Dark

Glasses:[Zone3]- Ekanh Sunglasses

Jacket:[Lapointe & Bastchild]-S’Wear “Aviator” Leather Jacket Set / Black

Shirt:[Zone3]- Patched Polo / Red

Pants:[R E M O R S E]- Black “Jersey Joggers”

Shoes:[Zone3]-Air Jordan 7s (COMING UP FRIDAY!)

Watch:[chronokit]- Watch no.36 Dio / Red

Hat:[Zone3]-Raptors Snake Skin Snapback

Necklace:[Zone3]-Good Wood Pharaoh Chain

Socks:[Zone3]-Tintable PrimSocks

…::: On vanity :::…

Hair:[Baiastice]- Moira Attachement / Black

Sunglasses:[DDL]- Raining Inside / Black (RECENT RELEASE!)

Necklace:[2F]- Mickey Mouse

Earrings(1):[Barcode]- Double C Earrings / Red & Silver (NEW RELEASE!)

Earrings(2):[Simplicite]-Quad Diamond Studs

Jacket:[Emery]- Jacket Roxe / Black Bottom

Shirt:[Zone 3]-PSR  Crewn / Red

Pants:[Emery]- Denim – B wash

Bangles:[Simplicite]- Danger Bangles

Ring(1):[The Pink Bandaid]- Big Blue Ring

Rings(2):[Le Primitif]- The Vodoo Ring & Witch Doctor (RECENT RELEASE!)

Watch:[Ble$$ed]-Luxury Gold Oyster Perpetual (RECENT RELEASE!)

Jeans Cuffs:[L.inc]- Tyra Jeans Part

Shoes:[Nona & Vive9]- Libtoo Pumps / Black (item @ Fashionably Late)

Bag:[DDL]- Persona / Red

Pose:[Label Motion]- Valeria Pack

…::: On Me :::…

Hat:[I N F L N U E N C E]- OBEY SnapBak

Glasses:[SHADE THRONE]- The Wow sunglasses


Hood :[A i R x H A R E]- Black Supreme Hood

Ring:[RYCA]- Ring Initial / Gold

Left Bracelet:[RYCA]- Bracelet Bead Wood / Red

Right Bracelet:[2F]-.RWCxLOVE. Bracelet

Foxtail:[SCO]-Black Foxtail

Pant:[Benjaminz]- Black c4 Denim Shorts

Shoes:[Zone3]-Yeezys (RECENT RELEASE!)

Photos : By Vanity Halpin





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